Atlanta, GA

The VaHiRunners meets weekly on Wednesdays in front of George's on North Highland at 7 PM (Near the intersection of Virginia and Highland). The club is very informal and usually at least a dozen people show up to run each week.   people start showing up about 15 minutes before the run starts.

NOTE that most of the runners DO NOT rsvp through meetup on a weekly basis.   One week we had three rsvp's but 15 runners: that's normal.

There is one main group of runners that do a 5-7 mile run at varying paces of 8:00 to 9:30 per mile.   The course changes from week to week:  We have a set of standard courses we do and pick one depending upon the weather, time of year, and mood consensus of everyone there.
Here are some MapMyRun Routes from George's

The group starts out together at a slower pace (usually) and stays together for part of the run.  Then people move towards whatever pace is comfortable for them in smaller groups.  And we try to make sure nobody is left behind.

Shorter or Slower Runs on Wednesday:
There is also (usually) a smaller group or two of runners that do shorter and/or slower courses.  Also, from the main course we run for the night there is always an opportunity to cut it shorter.  So everyone can still socialize before and during the beginning of the runs.

Post Wednesday Run:
Be sure to stop in at George's afterwards for water, socializing, food, and beer.  Water is available at the back of the restaurant before and after the run.  And George's is used to post-workout runners traipsing through and staying for food and drink - no problem.

Other Events & Weekend Runs:
We also do (even more informal) weekend runs and running events.
If you are looking for another running group in the same neighborhood to do runs with, Check out the Atlanta Running Meetup:
That group does Saturday AM runs from Piedmont Park and is a very large, relaxed, and friendly group!

Here's the Meetup Page!  It will have up & coming events on it.

Here's the VaHi Runners facebook page!  It also lists up & coming events as well as fun posts.

And to note, George's is a Hasher watering hole on Wednesdays.  We have a bit of a cross-over in the groups.   That is, hashers are amongst us sometimes doing boring street runs.  And occasionally, they convince street runners to do a hash run.  Fun.